Instagram Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Poland

My Macklemore portrait for electronic illustration class. AKA my first ever colored portrait ever which Im pretty proud of! Had lots of fun doing this and hope you guys enjoy! also I looked to artists like Sam Spratt for inspiration and technique emulation. His work is incredible and he went to my school!

Lol @ryanlewis

Macklemore wearing Zanerobe Non Love Woven Shirt 

Tune in to @fallontonight on Friday 9/5 to see @Macklemore and me perform #Arrows! @jimmyfallon

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for a co-owner for whatmackryanwears, so if anyone’s interested, please let me know.

Also, starting next week, I will be using this account (macklemorepl) less and less. That doesn’t mean I’m leaving, I’ll try to post whenever I have some free time. Ben & Ryan will lock themselves in the studio so I won’t miss out on much (I hope).

Just wanted to let you all know & have a nice Sunday!


Macklemore wearing Nike Foundation Camo Crewneck